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Often wrong. Always write.

The UK's most inspiring and excited marketer, journalist, author and broadcaster. I love to scribe, host and produce personality-packed, community-creating content for customer-centric companies.

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Which tablet this Xmas?

Don't get confused - get the lowdown. Find out which handheld computer rules your roost this Christmas...


1,000 true fans | Sharing Superheroes, The Book

Such a small number, such an unquantifiable impact when you get it right. Here's where being a Sharing Superhero starts to take root - ready?...


10 ways to drive yourself insane... - Thacknology

I adore the words. I love the way they sing to me. I enchant them in return. We keep excellent time, the courtship is eternal and I never wander, lonely, as a talisman of text. The words bemuse me, bewitch me. I live off the land of linguistics. And while...

Be a superhero dt article

3 secrets to your business' success in 2015

There are three unspoken truths about how to run seamless organisations. They are contained within. Happy New Year: here's to your success......

Business 2 Community

Context is King

Stringio article

Curious case of the Nexus 4

What was the real story behind Google getting it so wrong with sales of the Nexus 4? Talknology's Dave Thackeray has theories.

Stew leonard customer always right article

Customers are easy

Want customers? Treat them well. There's no secret sauce - it's about being where they are, and doing right by them. That's how relationships are built....

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Dave on The Techies

Fun times talking tech on The Techies. Chromebook, the Cupertino curse, virtual keyboards and Google Wallets. It's all here on the show!


Dave Thackeray - Page 3 of 79 - How to win at business

How to win at business...


Dave Thackeray - Page 79 of 79 - How to win at business

How to win at business...

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Dave Thackeray's daily no-nerd technology talk show

Talknology is the UK's first talk show helping you get the best from today's technology.

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The Next Web

Delivering Delight: Lessons in Customer Euphoria - The Next Web

Mitch Joel, digital marketing guru and he of Six Pixels of Separation, tells us the consumer has never been more in control. I think he's being generous: I'm sceptical whether as entrepreneurs ...